DJI Care Refresh + Extend Your Product’s Coverage and Warranty

DJI Care Refresh + Extend Your Product’s Coverage and Warranty

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Since the launch of DJI Care Refresh, thousands of drone owners around the world have flocked to the service and have enjoyed peace of mind, quality care, and replacement drones after theirs took a tumble. Now, we are delighted to tell you that we have created DJI Care Refresh + to keep you in the air for even longer.

Even More Peace of Mind with DJI Care Refresh +

With DJI Care Refresh +, you can renew your Care Refresh by extending its coverage and the warranty period of your product, providing you even greater peace of mind every time you fly.

What is DJI Care Refresh +?

DJI Care Refresh + provides one more opportunity to replace your DJI product. Furthermore, the warranty period of your product will be extended by at least 12 months. Replacement or repair services will be provided for product damage caused by a user error, accident, or manufacturing defect.

 DJI Care Refresh+

What does DJI Care Refresh + provide? 

One Replacement, Total Peace of Mind

DJI Care Refresh + offers one replacement service within one year, and it covers water, drop, and crash damage, as well as other accidents.

* DJI Care Refresh’s remaining replacement balance cannot be extended.

* DJI Care Refresh +’s replacement service can only be used within the policies coverage period.

4x the Warranty with Free Repair Service

By purchasing DJI Care Refresh +, the warranty period is extended by at least 12 months or up to four times, and free repair services will be provided for defective products.

*The product’s extended warranty period is based on the purchase date of DJI Care Refresh + and the warranty of the product or components. The warranty period for the gimbal, camera, and vision sensors is four times longer.

dji care refresh +

More Exclusive Features:

Fly Sooner with Express, Water Damage Coverage, Free Shipping

Which Drones are Supported?

Any drone that can have DJI Care Refresh.

Listed below is the initial cost of DJI Care Refresh+ for each drone and the cost of replacement under the plan.

How to Apply?

You can purchase DJI Care Refresh + once DJI Care Refresh has been purchased. Also, DJI Care Refresh + can be purchased when the DJI Care Refresh purchased for your aircraft is still valid, and there is at least one replacement left.

When will DJI Care Refresh + take effect?

If DJI Care Refresh is valid, or there is at least one replacement left:

After DJI Care Refresh + is purchased, your product’s warranty period will be extended immediately, and the replacement service starts the day when DJI Care Refresh expires and ends when DJI Care Refresh + expires.

We also upgraded DJI Care Refresh

To make absolutely sure you’re satisfied you can now replace your replacement device within 15 days of receipt if it has a manufacturing defect, and make sure that DJI Care Refresh + can only be purchased after DJI Care Refresh is purchased.

dji care refresh +

DJI Care Refresh Already Expired? Don’t worry! You’ve got 30 Days to Renew.

From May 3rd to May 31st, you can apply to purchase DJI Care Refresh + if your DJI Care Refresh has expired, or you’ve already used all your replacement units. How to do it?

  1. Contact us via Facebook Messenger @DJISupport or and film a drone verification video following the DJI support specialist’s instructions.
  2. Send the drone verification video to the DJI support specialist, and we will inform you whether you can purchase DJI Care Refresh +.
  3. Purchase DJI Care Refresh + and enjoy peace of mind.

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