First photos and specs appear of DJI’s VTOL fixed-wing quadcopter drone

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Just now the first photos and specs have surfaced online from what appears to be the new DJI Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL), fixed-wing quadcopter drone. As we have reported before, this drone is aimed at the agricultural and industrial markets.



Not too long ago we reported on rumors that DJI was going to launch a VTOL fixed-wing quadcopter drone for the enterprise market. Today we learn from multiple trusted sources, one of which is Kanzhaji, that DJI is much further along in the development process of this drone than we had anticipated as the first photos and specifications appear.

The specifications of the DJI VTOL fixed-wing drone:

  • Wingspan: 2380 mm
  • length: 1300 mm
  • maximum take-off weight: 6.5 kg
  • maximum flight height: 200 m
  • maximum speed: 55-75 km/h
  • maximum flight time: 60 min
  • maximum payload weight: 0.8 kg
  • range: 20 km
  • radio link: LB2/4G LTE
  • price: $50000+

As we learn more specifics about this all-new fixed-wing drone from DJI, we will keep you posted on DroneDJ. At a first glance, this seems to be solid competition for Yamaha’s agricultural drone that was recently shown at CES 2018.


Note: My apologies for not including the source of our information in the first version of this post. I have updated the post to credit our source appropriately. In future posts, we will disclose our sources when we can or when we should.



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