DJI remote control  Crack – 4 times faster than the FCC (Tutorials and downloads)

DJI remote control Crack – 4 times faster than the FCC (Tutorials and downloads)

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In the DJI Forum(Chinese) ,  someone had posted a tutorial of  cracked DJI remote controler. There many disccussion on it. You will try it?
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Force boost 1.5W  compare to the FCC only 0.4W output is 4 times stronger. In DJI App all configs hidden files, casually download, there are binary decoding map. As long as the DJI GO App add a config file, you can start remote powerful potential output. The options include: mandatory CE mode, forced FCC mode, forced 1.5W remote control maximum output, forced display 32 channels and so on.





— —-The following is the  tutorial (this article ending has the download address) ———
Modify the steps
1. Download the file

2 Replace the file in the dji go.

1) android users: modify the download file name to . DJI.configs, then move  the . DJI.Configs in /Android/data/dji.pilot/files/


2)IOS users: modify the download file name to DJI.configs, in iTune , drag and move the DJI.Configs file into DJI GO or DJI GO 4 application



The actual test up to 10KM (no interference area), the map signal stability. Do not recommend you to modify the boost mode, power is too large to increase the remote control power consumption. Test results show that enhancement is really useful. In this post, only technical tests, please sure it is ok with local laws and regulations.


Compared to spend 1600RMB modified Martian extended range, this method is still very simple and affordable. This convenience in addition to remote control battery power consumption has increased, there is no other impact on the equipment we can rest assured that use.
—–download link—–
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