DJI Phantom 5 Review : Best Dji Drone so far?

DJI Phantom 5 Review : Best Dji Drone so far?

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Dji Phantom 5 Review

DJI is a Chinese Drone maker that excels in manufacturing High Tech Drones with some of its very famous drones being the DJI Phantom Series. DJI’s headquarter is located in Shenzhen, which is considered as the Silicon Valley of China. DJI focuses on its own vision that supports creativity and nonprofit applications of technology. DJI had been looking forward to launching a successor to its Phantom 4 and there are many rumors about that drone floating over the Internet. It will be named as “DJI Phantom 5


The DJI Phantom 5 is going to be one of the most advanced drones of 2017, the DJI Phantom 5 is much more advanced than its counterpart DJI Phantom 4 it has many well-optimized features which will be discussed below. So In this Article, we will be telling about the rumors and leaks of DJI Phantom 5. So let’s begin with the review of Dji Phantom 5.

The Rumored and Leaked specifications and features of DJI Phantom 5

Perfect Quad-Copter Design


The drone is based on a quad-copter design, which means it has 4 propellers. Which will not only be good from the design perspective but they will also be good for aesthetics as well. As it further enhances and adds to the sensitivity, flexibility and the stability of the device.

Conclude DJI Phantom 5 is going to one of the most advanced drones of 2017. If you are yet to buy your first drone, this one is the right product for you.

High Definition Camera


DJI is popular for featuring outstanding cameras on their devices, so we are as curious to see it ourselves if there are any camera related rumors of Phantom 5, and we were lucky to find quite a lot of speculation & leaks on this drone.

Some say that it will feature a new kind of gimbal that will exceed any other cameras on the market. Specifically, it is supposed to be a new type of 360-degree gimbal like a camera that will enable users to take high definition photos and videos, even while moving at the speed of 50mph. Although, some people have speculated that its camera will not change, saying that there is no necessity for improvement, as the previous cameras already came with 4K resolutions, so why to upgrade it.

And some people also suggest the presence of a new camera, it is said to have a lens of around 20MP, along with 4K resolution framing at 30fps, with slow motion support at 240fps, and enabled to record Full HD 1080p quality videos. While this may seem to be a little far-fetched to some people, there are much sure about that this isn’t just a rumor, but still to find out more about it, we will have to wait.

Multiple Flight Modes and Increased Flight Time



The DJI Phantom 5 is said to have different flight modes. The most important of which are the Tap-To-Fly mode, take off from being thrown in the air and the Sports Mode. They offer unique features in different situations. The Tap-To-Fly mode is analogous to the Autopilot System of real life. You just need to tap the controller two times to set it off. Rest is handled automatically. The sports mode gives a whole different authentic experience. All the controls have to be handled manually.

Taking about its Flight time it was rumored that the Phantom 5X will have a flight time up to 30 minutes while compared to other drones, that give a flight time of 25-28 minutes on a full charge, but it has been confirmed that the Phantom 5X drone will give an approx. the flight time of about 33 minutes. The Control range can be extended up to 5 km in total. This is really huge and allows the user to operate the drone from large distances without facing any issues. Hence can be used for long distance activities.

Remote Control with LCD

As the name suggests, this feature allows you to control and navigate the drone. Live video feed is provided and hence one can undoubtedly analyze the drone’s surroundings better for safety measures. Remote control can also proof to be useful for changing between various flights mode, or control its speed, etc. thereby giving you the best possible flight experience.

Obstacle Sensor

This device is rumored to sport a 360 obstacle sensor with infrared sensors that can scan obstacles up to 16ft below and above. This is extremely required in autopilot mode when there is a need to avoid such obstacles for the safety of your device.

Tracking System

This is one feature which proves that serious work can be done with this drone too. The mechanism of tracking is completely independent of the GPS system and can be used extensively for surveillance purposes. You can identify a target and quietly follow it. No Beacon signal or similar mechanism is required for maintaining the target range which will proof to be very convenient.

Overall Specifications of DJI Phantom 5



As discussed previously it has been pretty obvious that this drone will be a quad copter, there’s more to it than just this. Many rumors claim that the 5X is similar to 4, but they also said that it will come with an entirely different exterior and overall designs. This product will supposedly be available in 16 x 8.6 x 12.6 inches dimensions with an approximate weight of around 8.5 Lbs. with a maximum speed of 55 mph.

The DJI Phantom 5 will be able to at 6 meters per 20 feet another great factor to count on. There can be 2 readable slots which are SD card & Micro USB slots in the center of this drone.



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