How to Shoot Firework With Your Drone?

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How to Shoot Firework With Your Drone?
Do you like the firework? Do you like the aerial photography? If your answers are ‘yes’. I have a very easy tip for you.

There are many limitation of Firework photography by drone such as….
1. a shutter speed (you can’t get the very long exposure by drone because of blurring),
2. the aperture(unless you have a inspire pro that i don’t have)

And if you shoot with the phantom 3 like me, the problem is: f/2.8 is too bright for shooting the bright firework. It’s very easy to get the ‘over’ exposure photo.
Basically, The longer shutter speed, the more overexposure. you shouldn’t use extremely slow speed but if you use the faster, the background will ‘underexposure’
the solution is shoot ‘base frame’ first and then shoot the firework only and place it together on layer in photoshop to get the adequate background and firework
my favorite setting for shooting firework by phantom 3 is iso 100, speed 0.5 sec to 1 sec, f/2.8

i will show the photo i use to combine to this picture

1. firework – 1

firework - 1
Aperture2.8       Shutter Speed1/1s       ISO100       TypePhantom 3 Professional
This one is the photo in use it only a firework

2. firework – 2

firework - 2
Aperture2.8       Shutter Speed1/1s       ISO100       TypePhantom 3 Professional
Only firework, too


Aperture2.8       Shutter Speed3.2s       ISO100       TypePhantom 3 Professional
And this one is ‘base’ i said above. I use shutter speed 3.2s for the adequate exposure for city and a little bit process in Lightroom before put it together on Photoshop.

4. Final product

Final product
Aperture2.8       Shutter Speed1/4s       ISO100       TypePhantom 3 Professional
This is a final product. wish you have fun with the firework!

5. New year 2016

New year 2016
Aperture2.8       Shutter Speed1/1s       ISO100       TypePhantom 3 Professional
This is an another one i shoot. i shoot it on new year festival 2016!

I Wish you will have fun with take a photo of city with firework!

Good luck everyone
Fly safe!
Author:Payont Thanasatirakul
Article From:SkyPixel

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