DJI release New Drone Phantom 4 Advanced

DJI release New Drone Phantom 4 Advanced

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The Phantom 4 Advanced’s upgraded camera is capable of shooting 4K video at 60 frames per second. The more powerful video processing now supports H.264 4K videos at 60fps or H.265 4K at 30fps, both with a 100Mbps bitrate. Excellent optical performance, sensors and processors ensure everything is captured with high dynamic range and more image detail needed for advanced post-production.

Similar to the Phantom 4 Pro, it comes with many key intelligent features that allow smooth automatic flight modes, including Draw, ActiveTrack, TapFly, Gesture and Tripod. Equipped with the FlightAutonomy system made up of 5 vision sensors, forward-facing obstacle avoidance system, dual-band satellite positioning (GPS and GLONASS), and ultrasonic rangefinders, the Phantom 4 Advanced is able to hover precisely in places without GPS and fly in complex environments.

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