DJI Phantom 5 Release in April ?  Date and Price in Worldwide

DJI Phantom 5 Release in April ? Date and Price in Worldwide

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Get detailed information about DJI Phantom 5 Release Date Worldwide and DJI Phantom 5 Price in Worldwide in this post. DJI Phantom 5 is one of the most awaited flying drone in the year 2017. DJI Phantom 5 will have the most advanced features you will see in any drone to preserve the beautiful photos and videos on the fly. DJI Phantom 5 he is in development mode and the company is making sure that it will have the best features for the easy flying and capturing. You can find the best deals to buy DJI Phantom 5 online in Worldwide in the price list section.

RELEASE DATE: 15 April 2017
DJI Phantom 5 Details
DJI Phantom 5 Details DJI Phantom 5 will be one of the most advanced Drone you will ever see. DJI Phantom 5 will have some of the awesome features such as flight time of more than half an hour, already the flight time of DJI Phantom 4 is 28 minutes, so we expect the flight time to be extended by at least 10 to 15 minutes in the DJI Phantom 5. Coming to the camera, it will have the most advanced the camera mounted on the drone with capabilities of capturing 4K videos in 30 frames per second and slow motion videos of 240 frames per second in full HD quality (1080p). The camera will also have the most stable gimble to capture the smooth video even at a speed of 50 kilometres per hour. The anti collision feature which was introduced in DJI Phantom 4 will be improved in the next version of the drone, the DJI Phantom 5 will have more sensors so that it can use the artificial intelligence to avoid the obstacles in the more advanced way.


DJI Phantom 5 will also have multiple flight mode so that you can use different modes in the different situations. If you are relying on GPS, then you can use tapfly, activtracking, intelligent flight modes and if you don’t want to use GPS, then you can use of sports mode so that you can flight the Drone at a speed of 90 kilometres per hour. It will also have a advance the remote control and when connected to the iPhone, iPad or any android mobile device, you can watch the live view of the drone camera in full HD. Also another great feature of DJI Phantom 5 according to the rumors, it will have the controlling range of more than 5 miles, that’s more than 7.5 kilometers.

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