Mavic Pro Order Now! will free Shipping in one week

Mavic Pro Order Now! will free Shipping in one week

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DJI Mavic Pro buyers who haven’t received their orders yet, take note that DJI has already promised to clear all orders of the drone before December ends. This applies to all orders made before November 3. This delay has already been acknowledged by the company even though they have been quite vague about the issue during the first weeks of the DJI launch.

DJI Mavic Pro Delay

The company has started accepting pre orders for the Mavic Pro about two months ago with an intial promise that the shipment will begin mid-October. To cut the story short, DJI wasn’t able to ship on time causing buyers’ online rants. Eventually though, the company released a statement via DJI newsroom saying that there has been an issue with the production of the Mavic Pro. The company said that they met a manufacturing issue that took them a week to get solved. DJI also admitted to getting a Mavic Pro demand that’s way higher than they initially expected.

DJI Mavic Pro Shipment Update


DJI has already pledged that they will try to clear all pre-November 3 orders by the end of December. As of now, a number of supposed buyers have already shared receiving their orders. Nevertheless, there are still quite a lot of people who say that their orders hasn’t arrived yet. Needless to say, DJI is still in the process of sending out all orders. Buyers just need to keep their fingers crossed that the company’s late-December shipment promise will come through.

A Reddit thread has been made by a user and it is dedicated to tracking Mavic Pro shipments from different retailers. As of second week of November, B&H, Amazon, Drone World, and Newegg has already started shipping orders. Apple on the other hand will start shipment of the DJI Mavic Pro mid-December. Drone Nerds has supposedly started shipment mid-November. Best Buy buyers of the Mavic Pro drone should expect to have their orders shipped starting November 30. With that said, in-store sale of this drone is still uncertain.


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