DJI Workshop: Moving with Cameras

DJI Workshop: Moving with Cameras

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In 2015 we introduced people in over 80 cities worldwide to our cutting-edge technology through the DJI Ronin Workshop. In 2016, this workshop transforms into “DJI Workshop: Moving with Cameras” and is expected to visit even more cities.

Moving with Cameras is a DJI Workshop series created to allow people to learn about our Osmo, Ronin andRonin-M handheld stabilization systems. By putting professional stabilization into the hands of image makers, these products push the limit of what is possible in 21st century filmmaking.

Each Workshop includes:

  1. An exclusive informational lecture delivered by an experienced instructor
  2. Hands-on practice with the Osmo and Ronin series in a variety of shooting environments
  3. Networking with other industry professionals
  4. Opportunities to win special prizes

After the workshop, you can also discuss your experiences on the DJI Forum.

Moving with Cameras Workshops are open to participants of all skill levels. Register now!

Date Location Venue Address Registration Authorized Partner
2016.10.01 Madrid, Spain Espacio innovation aerovisual Aerotools-uav, avenida de bruselas 31, 28108 alcobendas Madrid
Stock RC
2016.10.07 Urk, Flevoland, Netherlands Het Spijk 8 • 8321WT URK , the Netherlands Closed
2016.10.15 Moscow, Russia Design factory
2016.10.15 Naples, Italy Via Domenico Morelli, 61/A Napoli
2016.10.19 Moscow, Russia Москва, Хохловский переулок д.7, студия Photoplay
2016.10.22 Sevilla, Spain C/Antonio Gomez Millan 13 Polig. Tecnológico CITEC 41120 Gelves
2016.10.23 Warsaw , Poland STUDIO VIDOQ Żupnicza 17 03-821
2016.10.30 Kyiv, Ukraine вул. Велика Васильківська, 55. НСК “ОЛІМПІЙСЬКИЙ”
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