DJI Super-Patcher – DJI Drone force boost FCC, Remove height limitations &etc

DJI Super-Patcher – DJI Drone force boost FCC, Remove height limitations &etc

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Today we found a tool for DJI drone reboot that can force you drone in FCC mode.


Super-Patcher now supports the following aircraft and firmwares:

  • Mavic Pro/Mavic Pro Platinum/Mavic Pro Alpine White V01.04.0300
  • Spark V01.00.0900
  • Phantom 4 Pro V01.05.0600
  • Phantom 4 standard V2.00.0700
  • Phantom 4 advanced V1.00.0128
  • Phantom 4 ProV2 V01.00.1500
  • Inspire 2 V01.02.0200




Remove height limitations
Remove NFZ and GeoZone limits
Enable Galileo satellite reception
Customize the Smart Battery settings
Customize or disable low battery forced auto-landing.
Customize or disable low battery return-to-home
Customize or disable low battery warnings
Motors can be started when aircraft is inverted
No motors errors on Mavic Pro Platinum
Does NOT require an internal SD card be installed
Precision RTH and Precision Landing will work normally
Optionally enable slower more cinematic panning (yaw) speed
Optionally enable full time FCC or boost mode with jkson_fcc_mod by jkson5 built in (Mavic, Spark***(NEW!)***, and P4PV2 Only)
Optionally disable external aircraft LEDS lighting for stealthy night flying.

After done, you will get the FCC mode.



DJI Super-Patcher

Below the video show you how to do.

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