DJI new leaks, DJI watch is comming?

DJI new leaks, DJI watch is comming?

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Below are two leaks of DJI watch,  at two years a go.





Recently, @ositalv on twitter have had a new leak images. Compared with the previous photos of awful texture, the product of the new photos looks like a DJI standard.



There is a button in the upper right corner of the watch.  It looks like a control rocker.  But how to control the gimbal? through gesture control?



The style of such a large screw is a bit tough. Is it industrial grade waterproof and dustproof?



The menu is “Settings”, “Time Settings”, “Connect Drone”, “Lightness”

Which drone can be connected?  The latest Mavic mini ?  I guess it’s connected through WiFi. I wonder what’s the effective distance it can be?





‘dji watch’ should be a temporary name with all lowercase letters. In addition, we see that several versions have been iterated.

Do you think this product exists What do you expect if you exist?

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