Why do you still buy the DJI new drone - Mavic Mini

Why do you still buy the DJI new drone - Mavic Mini

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You might think that you already have Spark or Mavic air, so there’s no need to buy a new drone.




But I want to tell you that if you like drones, you will still buy a new Mavic Mini for the following reasons:

1 Brand-new flight experience

The slogan of this release is “fly as you are”, which many people ignore or interpret as 249g is not controlled by aviation, and everyone can fly. But you ignore the publicity picture, a man in flight. What does this mean? It shows that Mavic Mini is a brand new flight experience, and that Mavic Mini can provide you with an immersive experience that makes you feel like you are flying (similar to FVP flying with DJI GOGGLES).  How DJI can do like that?  we will see it!


2 lighter but not less endurance

Lighter is not the key point to buy drones. Spark, Mavic air introduced very light, and more mini is Tello. One of the major improvements to the Mavic Mini is the reduction in weight while maintaining a range of about 30 minutes (parameters from the network), which is undoubtedly a breakthrough. The other three-axis platform is essential. There is information about the VIO: “only in front & bottom” ,  but I think it’s not only because to achieve “you can fly”, there must be more advanced technology.


3 This is the only doron of DJI in 2019

At present, there are not many leaking parameters, which are basically guessed by pictures. There is a question. Why is the picture leaking but the parameters are not?  It’s interesting. I guess that compared with the appearance of the picture, there is not much progress, and there are more amazing things in terms of performance parameters. DJI is temporarily hidden it. In addition, from a commercial point of view, DJI has been silent for more than a year in fields of drone, and now just take out a smaller drone ? It would be disappointing.



The above is my analysis based on the network information and pictures. In a word, I believe that DJI ability in innovation will never use a smaller Mavic air to perfunctory fans. And the reason you continue to buy, in fact, may only need a selling point to hit you.


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