How to Buy the Cheapest and Cost-effective DJI Products

How to Buy the Cheapest and Cost-effective DJI Products

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DJI drones is the most popular electronic product in recent years.  There are many ways to buy DJI drones.  So, How to buy the cheapest products? Where to get the best discount?

Normally, the price of all regular channel is the same retail price.  DJI has strict price control. It often checks the sale price of various platforms on the internet or store offline. If the price is lower than the official retail price,  it may be fined or stop to supply.  So under the unified retail price, how to buy it is cost-effective?  First, let’s understand the various channels of purchasing DJI products.

Official Flagship Stores


NANJING XINJIEKOU. The price of the flagship store is the same as that of the official website, and the promotion is in line with the official. Sometimes there may be some small gifts. The advantage of flagship stores is that they can experience products on the spot, try them on the spot, and return goods on the spot if there are problems.

Retail Stores


DJI have many authorized retail  stores,  which can be checked on the official website. Normally the store also give you retail prices, but in order to attract customers may give you some gifts, promotional discounts and so on are also allowed during the activities in DJI. The advantage of the agent is that it is convenient to communicate, and many unknown questions can be asked. Many shopkeepers themselves are familiar with the model.

DJI Official Online Shop

The official flagship stores of DJI have website, apps and facebook shop. The price of the official online store is the same. The difference is that you can get 1% DJI Credits.  If you are a DJI Select member,  there are still many  20% OFF discount coupons, and birthday coupons etc.

Official website can also apply for educational discounts and corporate purchase discounts,  if you are an student and have the email with edu, you can apply the educational discounts , and if you are company, you can try to apply the corporate discounts. Normally,  you will get discount coupon with 5% Off, or 10% Off.

In addition, there are  Refurbished Drone  sold on the official website, it is a good choise if you not  care the detail of  drone surface.

Third Party Platform Store

DJI have store on the platform like Amazon, Newegg, Ebay,  which have no advantage in price and no DJI Credits.   Benefits of  buy via 3rd platform is it have a promise delivery time and normally will not be delayed, and if delayed, you can ask the platform for compensation.

Other channels

Facebook group, Wechat group and other social media will also have some agents,  most of them are secondhand, the price is lower, but besure you can check it.


Every channel in DJI has the same price, but the difference is that other platforms buy gifts (during new products release, they are usually the original price, there will be no discount and no gift),  and in the official  online store you still can get  DJI Credits.

In addition, the official online store of DJI has a disguised discount way to buy through the DJI Affiliate link,  you can get 5% DJI Credits by join the DJI Affiliate Programe.  In this way, it is equivalent to 94% discount for an order placed on the official online store.

So if you often buy DJI products,  you are advised to buy them from the official online store, so that you can accumulate DJI Credits. If you only buy one-time, the possibility of repurchasing other products is relatively small, then you can buy from agents or other platform online stores, and strive for more gifts with customer service.

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